And There Was War (ATWW) is a full scale theatre production about good vs evil, about the spiritual battle between faithful angels and fallen angels and their pursuit for mankind. It presents how evil entered the world through the disgruntled and highly ambitious angel Lucifer and the effects evil has had on man since its inception. It shows the Creators plan of redemption and that ultimately good overcomes evil. The themes explored in ATWW are relevant to our lives today as we all face a choice, daily, within our lives and even within our minds Which side will I choose? Which voice will I listen to? Will I lie or be honest? Shall I shout or remain calm? Do I choose good or do I choose evil?

I have been totally touched by this perfromance. It makes you realise the power of Love . E X T R A O R D I N A R Y !
— Premier Gospel Radio
Your depiction of the Great Controversy touched my 6 year old son. Every day now, in his prayers, he says “I choose you, Jesus”. Even when he is making every day decisions he is conscious that he has to choose to do right. Your ministry breaks age, race and language! And I thank God for you and your family. Continue to let Him use you
— Karen Satchwell
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ATWW takes you on a veritable journey through time. We start at the beginning, Creation. The story follows a non-linear narrative where we intersplice scenes, showing events taking place in heaven with events taking place on earth. We learn the reasons surrounding the division of loyalty that culminated in the rebellion and the subsequent fall of a third of the angels, their misleading by the haughty Lucifer, his deception and plans to overthrow the throne and destroy mankind. On earth we follow the emotional challenges of a pregnant Mary whose revelations disconcert those around her; we encounter a tempted Eve and a heartbroken Adam; we watch the fatal rivalry of brothers Cain and Abel; and behold the last-day faith of Noah; audiences find themselves being brought to tears by the brutality and sacrificial love of the crucifixion. All of these famous stories are theatrically interwoven to tell an inspiring story of conflict, sacrifice, eternal love, and ultimately, victory.

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Excellent production! Really graphically dramatized. The decline and fall of Satan visually explained. Great job!
— Anon
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It was very touching. Even though I’m 13, I cried because you made me realise the love God actually has for me and now I’m planning on being baptised
— Anon

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My faith in God has increased and I’m determined to not waver in my decision to stand for Christ. Thank you for helping to open the hearts of my family and friends. Thank you for this powerful ministry.
— Serena Pascall
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