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COUNTDOWN: 30 days 'til Pinewood Studios!


COUNTDOWN: 30 days 'til Pinewood Studios!

Let the 30 Days countdown begin! 

English Lakes, Windermere, Lake District

English Lakes, Windermere, Lake District

Hey Family!

Hope you’ve been keeping well and warm these past few days.

At FCP in the last few days, Jermaine’s been taking notes and gaining a heap of information from his intensive finalists residential, which took place in the beautiful Lake District last weekend.


Jermaine received some excellent feedback regarding his pitch and script for The Day After, and was able to pick up a few gems to develop his next pitch, which is in exactly 30 days from today! He's been advised to try and incorporate some of his Spoken Word into the Pitch to really give them a treat too! (Praise God for this unique gift!)

pitch weekender.jpg

Our bid to win an outstanding £30,000 fund for our film to be made will surely not come easy BUT we are trusting in God and are more than determined to do all the work and learning necessary (as well as enjoy the entire process), in order to reach that goal.

Like mentioned in our previous blog post, the pitch will entail an in-depth 20 minute interview in front of the judging panel at Pinewood studios. It will be there that they will announce the winner of this competition!!

So keep us in your prayers and wish us luck!

Not many people know about this fantastic competition and they hold it every year! If you would like to read more about it, click here for the link.



And speaking of luck…. We are looking for some extras (age 18+) to come and participate in filming a New Year's Eve party scene for an episode of our new upcoming web-series New Years Eve. You’ll need to be available for filming 6th January 2018 (pm). 

You've just gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"

For more information, please email us at


Wishing you a lovely week.

 Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger

The Final Call Productions Team