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And There Was War

And There Was War (ATWW) is coming back this Christmas and we are looking for Actors who desire to be a part of the production.

If you didn’t know… And There Was War is more than just an entertaining theatrical play...It's a life-changing ministry!

The higher purpose and higher calling of And There Was War demands that we engage performers and volunteers who are looking for more than a pay-cheque or a performance to add to their CV.

We need Actors who will be willing to go where God leads and who will share our passion in delivering an effective message of hope. We need people who can be committed to the vision.

Christmas 2019 and Easter 2020 are pencilled for our major performances but this ministry reaches way beyond the stage.

Through our themed ATWW programmes, and our ATWW: Short (One-Act play) And There Was War has the potential to have a massive impact in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Churches and the local community. We will literally go where God leads.


The Audition process has already began, the first stage was held on the 24th February and on this day we shared the vision of ATWW and let everyone know exactly what we are looking for. This was vital information as we want people coming on board to know what they are signing up for and know for sure if it's something they definitely want to be a part of.

This is why we filmed the main points, if you would like to see what you missed please watch the following videos

ATWW Vision / What we're looking for in an actor

ATWW Backstage at Stratford Circus 2016

Once you have watched the videos, if you decide you want to be involved email fcpd.wong@gmail.com and you will be sent an Actors profile form to complete and once we receive that you will be invited to join us to attend an individual character audition.

We encourage applications from Christian actors. However, this is not a prerequisite for consideration for the role.



Production Date: 20th-22nd DECEMBER 2019 / (Easter) APRIL 2020


Begin 1st SEPT 2019

Salary: Paid

Age: 18+

And There Was War

And There Was War is a biblical narrative that is deeply entrenched in the concepts of the great controversy between good and evil. The play recounts the events surrounding Christ’s birth, death and resurrection. Unlike classical representations of the life of Jesus and the Passion of the Christ, And There Was War also portrays the story of angelic beings, with the invisible spiritual battle that rages between the faithful and the fallen angels. Read more here  


Please see below characters we are currently looking to cast

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Creator, leader, Christ incarnate

Required Physical Characteristics:


HEIGHT: 6’0 +

PLAYING AGE: 35 – 50




Leader of the Rebellion

Bad Angel, leader of the fallen Celestial Beings. Satan. The Devil

Required Physical Characteristics:


HEIGHT: 5’8 +

PLAYING AGE: 30 – 45