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The Story

I’m Having Sex tells the story of Valentine, Rebecca, Trudy-Ann and baby Jacob. Trudy-Ann is a 15-year-old girl who, having fallen out with her mother now lives in a dangerous inner-city hostel. Trudy-Ann is also in a secret relationship with Valentine…Rebecca’s husband.  The journey of this family is played out as their secrets disrupt their relationships. Father, mother and daughter are brought to the jagged edges of heartbreak, forgiveness and redemption in this eye-opening tale.

The reason

We use this play as a resource to raise awareness on this very serious issue. The play touches on topics such as sexual abuse, underage sex, infidelity, blended families, trust, troubled homes, gang-related activity, peer pressure, promiscuity and teenage parents.

The aim is for the audience to gain insight into the damaging consequences that sexual exploitation has on a young person's life and to equip young people to recognise abuse. It also allows them to explore ways they could protect themselves from this and similar situations.


I’m Having Sex is an eye opening, 45 minute Applied Theatre Production that has successfully raised awareness surrounding the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation amongst young people and adults. The play skillfully uses Spoken Word Poetry and effective storytelling to depict a scenario of CSE that may take place within the family home. 

Follow Up

The follow up/workshop sessions have proven to be an extremely effective training tool, which creates an environment for pointed discussions and explorations of some of the causes for CSE. Please enquire if you'd like us to come and do a workshop session.


The play is followed by a Hot Seating session that allows audience members to ask the play characters questions as to ascertain the motives behind some of their choices. The audience can discuss issues raised and offer advice on topics that negatively affect families and young people.

Final Call Production’s performance of ‘I’m Having Sex’ is an excellent production highlighting the issue of Child Sexual Exploitation in a very powerful way. It demonstrates with skill and innovation some of the many ways in which children can be groomed and ensnared. It also exposes some of the devastation CSE can cause not only to those directly involved but also to whole families. The ‘Q & A’ session allows the audience to directly question the characters, giving them a deeper understanding of the state of mind of all those affected…Very powerful.
— Colin Burton – Senior Behaviour Mentor. Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form


Upcoming Performances

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