No Poetry

An Allegory

Spoken Word Short Film by Jermaine Wong

An unfaithful bride seeks redemption and forgiveness from her husband but first has to hear some condemning truths.

God's relationship with the church is likened to a husband and his bride. Imagine if this relationship were personified.

What would the conversation be like?

Incredible. Such thought and authentic skill has gone into this poetry, it paints such an illuminated picture of the relationship we have with Christ. Your work keeps on getting better! Well done!
— Destiny Malcolm, aStepFWD


Jermaine Wong’s inspired Spoken Word Short Film tells the story of an unfaithful Bride and a heartbroken Groom as they come to grips with their sad situation. Compelling and deeply poetic No Poetry uses these turbulent characters to personify the relationship between Christ and the Church.

Wow!!....what a powerful, meaningful, insightful and clever illustration of the relationship between God and us. Such a talented delivery, may God continue to inspire you to deliver his word
— Jenny
I have goose pimples all over my body and I must confess... This is uniquely inspiring. His name is God and His love for us is ever unfailing...
— Anon
No Poetry is a captivating and deep short film that will leave you in a sense of awe. Jermaine is truly a modern day Shakespeare!
— Michael Agyei, Lyrical Soldier

Film credits:

Written & Directed by Jermaine Wong
Assistant Director Kashia Wallace
Cinematography Laith Wallace, Javern Pond
Producer Danielle Wong
Starring Oluchi Nwabuwa & Jermaine Wong
Composer: LullabyMattia Cupelli

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No Poetry Best Actor Award Black Laurels COLFF Sep 17.png