The Poet with undiluted potency

Jermaine Wong

releases his first Rap single ahead of his debut release of his Spoken Word EP

‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’.


On 31st July 2019, the ‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ Spoken Word and Rap EP by Jermaine Wong aka Germane Thinkin’ and Final Call Productions will be released and available for digital download and streaming on all major platforms.


Stuck in the Dark of the Night SINGLE


‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ is the title track inspired by Jermaine’s personal life testimony.

The single ‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ will be released on the 31st May ahead of the EP release in July as part of a staggered release.

‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ was written to empower the soul and it makes no apologies in making Christ real for the human experience.



The Poet with undiluted potency

Jermaine Wong the Poet with undiluted potency and the intention to trigger the desire for meaning and purpose.

Jermaine is known for his unique style of Spoken Word which is delivered as hard-hitting, raw and honest non-sugar-coated lyrics that arrests the listeners attention and reaches into the hearts and consciences of all who hear it .

“All my poems come directly from the Holy Spirit, I literally pray for a poem and then the words just come to me, it’s for this reason that I want my poems to be shared with a wider audience, if this is something meaningful that God wants me to encourage people with then I have to use this talent to connect with people to share my experience, I have to walk in my purpose. I believe what I share is relatable to so many and so I hope that I can at least plant some seeds for people to think about.”

The four tracks on the ‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ EP are Jermaine’s way of directly speaking into people’s lives with his words, making no apologies for the realness he addresses, making Christ relevant to the human experience, especially in this current climate, with an emphasis on the benefits of choosing to have God in your life.

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The ‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’ EP is a powerful and potent mix of Rap and Spoken word with tracks produced by renowned and highly acclaimed producer Mahlon Rhamie of StarClef Music.

Track 4 ‘I’m a be Famous’ talks directly to youth and those of us who are striving to ‘make it’. It encourages reflection and asks, “What are we actually striving for?”

“There are young people as well as senior people out here with no qualifications, no promising prospects that aren’t being told that there are achievements and successes that can be attained which go beyond being famous. With Christ, there is always purpose, meaning and greatness marked out for the future with those who have a message to share.

Other tracks on the EP include ‘Beautiful Music’ which is a poem that uses the concept of music as a metaphor for God and the track entitled ‘Day of Atonement’ is a piece about recognising the benefits of casting your burdens onto Christ.


You can see Jermaine perform once a month at the FCP Spoken Word Poetry Night Transcendence.

Please contact for interviews, bookings and further info.


‘Stuck in the Dark of the Night’

independent release

written & performed by jermaine wong

produced by Mahlon Rhamie, from Starclef Music.

supporting vocals by Denzil Greaves and Sergine Mwanza.

Mastering by walter Coelho mastering

photography by Ashley bloom photography

graphic design by Danielle wong


Check out the promo video for the single Stuck in the Dark of the Night