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Here's to 2018!!


Here's to 2018!!

Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018!!

Firstly let me take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!



Thank you Lord that you make all things new, that you bring hope alive in our hearts. This year, may You hold us in the palm of Your hand and guide our minds, fill our imaginations and control our will so that many will see in us, the wonders of You! IJN Amen!


Let's just take a minute to reflect on 2017 and what it meant for FCP. I think this past year has  definitely proven one thing is true, no matter what plans we had here at FCP to spread the word, impart wisdom and share knowledge, God always had his own plan! Sometimes it might be a difficult pill to swallow, but trusting in Him and knowing that His plan will always exceed your own, will not only mean greater things for your life but also a greater relationship with the big man Himself. Right now, in these times, nothing could be more important #lastDays


And There Was War 2017 674.jpg


Early 2017 saw performances of And There Was War (ATWW) in Birmingham and London where we SOLD OUT!! We had some fantastic feedback which confirmed that this play still needs to be seen by many more people!

We began preparation to perform ATWW again in December. The script was tweaked, we cast some fantabulous actors and actresses, booked a venue and started selling tickets! However, a crisis meeting was held and a decision was made to put the production on hold to due to lack of funding. Which, needless to say devastated the whole team. However...God always has a plan... 

the pitch.png

The Pitch

.....doors were opened for FCP in the way of the Pitch competition to win £30k to make our short film The Day After! We just scraped in only finding out about the competition 2 days before the deadline!! But before Christmas we successfully reached the final stage of the competition as a top 10 finalist! 


No Poetry

Our first short film No Poetry was released which now has almost 3k views on YouTube! Our most amount of views on a single upload to date - which means that we are continuing to reach people and share the Good News!


New Years Eve

Finally, planning and casting for our brand new web series 'New Years Eve' began in the latter quarter of last year.

gt spot.jpg

Germane Thinkin

And let's not forget the launch of our highly entertaining and thought-provoking Germane Thinkin' Spot videos on YouTube which have been hugely popular!


So What are our plans for 2018??

  • The last stage of the competition happens THIS WEEKEND!! Jermaine will give his final pitch and the winner of the competition is announced! The creative and management team have worked their butts off!! Competition was tough, but I think, I hope, I pray, I have faith, that WE GOT THIS! #justsaying #IJN
  • Filming for New Year's Eve commences shortly, we are really excited to get this six part web-series with a twist, out to you!
  • We have a lot of new ideas and ventures we are looking forward to putting in place. One of which is bringing back our popular play I'm Having Sex as a Theatre in Education (TIE) production. We will be taking the play and delivering it in schools, holding workshops to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation. 
  • Writing has also begun for a new play focussing on knife crime which will also be performed in schools as a TIE with workshops to raise awareness of this issue which is rife already and sadly still on the increase, particularly in the capital. We will be holding a fundraising event to get the project up and running so look out for that date.
  • We also plan to adapt ATWW into a TIE production to take into faith schools and explore the themes of the play in workshops! Let us know if you know a school who'd want this!


  • Towards the middle of this Year, we will re-launch our Inspire acting classes with summer classes available for young people in the holidays and evening classes for adults. We are also hoping to approach schools with a view to running after school clubs.

As you can see we have a lot in mind and a lot of plans for a very busy 2018! We are praying for guidance and for God to lead in the direction that He wants us to go in. So though we have all these ideas, don't be surprised if things might change a little here and there, because we will always pray, listen to God and take FCP in the direction that He points us! Don't worry though, we will always keep you up to date with what's happening!

Please keep us in your prayers and may you have a blessed, happy year!


Jade Lewis

FCP Blogger



And There Was War London 2017 Review


And There Was War London 2017 Review

Opening Scene


Imagine seeing light beams ping pong around you, as if they are life forms springing past
your body, jumping from one place to another. Then add the sound of speed and hear
sounds whizz so fast that your eyes and ears just can't keep up and you’re full of
excitement wondering what’s going to happen next....
Well, imagine this as the opening scene, an artistic representation of the views from
Heaven when the early works of Creation were being created.

Just as the title reads And There Was War’  highlighted the conflict between Immanuel (played by Thomas Ababio) and Lucifer (played by Lloyd Reid).

I think sometimes as Christians or those who have read the Bible, we are already aware that there was a war in Heaven, but we don't really take it a step further to analyse the thoughts and words
which may have been exchanged between the highest ranking Angel and the Creator. The
dialogue between the two is like a child to its parent, who asks their father if they can be
involved in the things the dad is doing, but in this case to help them create life. The way in
which Lucifer is consistently denied the opportunity can almost lead the viewer to side with
him. There’s an emotional tug to feel empathy towards him, because in his eyes, as he
puts it “I just want to help”. But underneath the emotional ties, you realise his motives are
driven by jealousy and him not wanting to be left out. The way in which he single handedly
tries to bamboozle the Seraphim on the same guilt trip is interesting, eventually taking a
third of the angels with him.


There are four main Bible stories neatly woven between the heavenly scenes, bringing the
characters to life and allowing the audience to really think and consider what they may
have done in those situations. - It truly is food for thought. I felt real emotions and heard
real questions. The way a mother reacts to her young daughter when she tells her that
she's pregnant, of which is no fault of her own. The dispute between two brothers that leads
to a fatal death, which may not have been intentional - but makes us realise what anger
and hate can lead to. The feeling that Adam must have felt when he realised what Eve had
done, yet he still made the decision to walk the path with her. Adam’s character (played by
Romario Simpson) truly expressed the pain in his heart as he cried and moaned in anguish.

It’s one of those performances which taps into your mind, knocks on your heart and even
makes you laugh out loud!

An easy to follow storyline for the believer and non believer alike. Surprisingly appropriate
for all ages, with killer choreographed moves (which seemed to get the kids excited) and
those heavenly scenes with it’s musical backdrop of awe and wonder.
Considering there were minimal props used and no visual backdrops, the way in which the
floor space was utilised by the cast, the lighting and music were all just right in setting the
scene for the viewer to allow their minds to be carried on a journey with the characters.
Nothing was over the top, over done or unnecessary.

Mary & her Mother

Mary & Mother

Definitely a performance to watch with family, friends or even if you’re on a date ;-)
I wouldn't say it’s one of those plays that make you ‘feel good’, but one of self evaluation
and aspiration. I can honestly say I came away feeling changed with a mindset of wanting
to be more intentional in my everyday life.

Shamira Scott. FCP Writer





Do we really understand the words that are being said?....

This is what I've been questioning having come away from the performance on Saturday night. 

We've been entertained; had smooth poetic words tickle our ears, while we nod our heads in agreement to what we've just heard, and we laugh at the jokes shared throughout the story. Yet, do we really hear? Do we really understand what has been said and done, right in front of our eyes? 

"I'm having sex”. 

We hear it all the time… The gossip we share of, so and so who's done such and such; the silly girl; she’s pregnant; the shame of it all. 

The skeletons in our closets. no one knows whats going on behind closed doors. The lack of love, a misguided quest for love... where is the love? - this sounds too much like a tv soap drama, but the reality is, it's not! 

"I'm having sex”.

There's too many people caught up in this three worded web. Or shall I say, too many young people. Because truth be told the ages of teenagers involved has dropped, is dropping and seems like it will continue to drop. 

The performance from these incredibly talented actors highlighted key issues within our family relationships and pressures from the outside world. The irony of the intellectual language and age of someone so young, who is wrapped up in something only associated with 'adults' is so well portrayed in this drama. Each character makes you question what you would do in that situation and how you would feel.  It sure is food for thought.

We walk around as if we have it all together, as if we know what's right, but when someone asks for help.... Can we offer any helpful or practical advice?

Is it due to the miseducation of our young people? Or is it that we all have the right to do what we want, there's no limits, I understand it so therefore I can do it?

From the 'hooded Poet' questioning religion, to the mother who desires her husband but gives him a hard time; this play will have you put their lives into perspective. Not only is it informative, direct and current, but it truly captures you with its smartly used witty approach to such a serious and real topic.

Written by Shamira Scott. FCP Blogger.


I'm Having Sex a play written and directed by Jermaine Wong