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New Years Eve




The countdown is on... Meet Paige and Terence on New Year’s Eve, Journey with them through their life experiences: the joy of new love, the betrayal of broken trust, the despair of shattered faith, and the hope of a new beginning.

New Year’s Eve is FCP’s latest project, it’s a story about loss and how that loss affects the love of a couple and their faith in Christ.


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Can love revive the hope of a new beginning after the despair of shattered faith?
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Told as a 6 Episode Web-Series, New Year’s Eve follows the reverse narrative of Paige and Terence.
We are introduced to the post-tragedy couple in Episode One. The consecutive episodes capture the previous years of their relationship culminating with the final episode where they meet for the first time.

One more thing…every episode takes place on New Year’s Eve!
Viewers will only ever see Paige and Terence on a New Year’s Eve so with each episode there’s a lot of interesting backstory to catch up on while focusing on the main topic of the episode



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