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Roll out the red carpet- We won!

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Roll out the red carpet- We won!

Look at God!

No Poetry Award Poster Sep 17 COLFF v2.png

Things are rapidly building up and with even more exciting news (in case you haven’t yet picked up from social media), we are proud to announce that we have won not 1 but 5 film awards from the Christian Online Film Festival! This is something really spectacular, which again we did not expect, but overall are really proud about being honoured with such prominent recognition. With the help of all your love and support, we really can’t thank you enough.

In just 2 weeks we have reached over 2,000 views. That’s just a shy 8,000 views from last week’s goal of 10,000 views. And for the record, we could not have gotten here without the support from you! Your words of encouragement and support by sharing the link to our 'No Poetry' Short Film video has just been what we've been looking for and so we'd like to thank you once again.


Here are the 5 awards we won:

Best Mini-Film - Final Call Productions

Best Actor - Jermaine Wong (The Husband)

Best Actress - Oluchi Nwabuwa(The Wife)

Best Costumes & Props - Final Call Productions

Best Poetry - Jermaine Wong

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See you soon!

Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger

Final Call Production Team


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No Poetry Launch


No Poetry Launch

No Poetry- It’s finally out!

Exactly 1 week ago, we geared our team to launch our latest project and powerful short film ‘No Poetry’ with our very own CEO Jermaine Wong and Oluchi Nwabuwa.

Before we continue, if you haven’t seen the film please click here before continuing to read this post.

Although we weren’t quite able to hit our aim of reaching 10k views by 9 pm on Friday night, we’re more than convinced that we were able to bring awareness to round about that figure, that ‘No poetry’ had finally been released on our YouTube channel.

During our Facebook Live launch, we were extremely excited to see the number of people who joined us in our live Q&A session. In all honesty, other than sheer excitement, we felt immensely overwhelmed by the love through comments and even by some of the questions regarding the production side of filming ‘No Poetry’.

Here’s a snapshot of a few comments we had received:

“This was such an amazing film with a powerful storyline.”

“This was filmed to tell a powerful story. The team did a great job here. Love to see my brothers working in their gift. Keep it up FCP team.”

Jermaine Wong & Oluchi Nwabuwa

Jermaine Wong & Oluchi Nwabuwa

“I have goose pimples all over my body and I must confess... This is uniquely inspiring. His name is God and His love for us is ever unfailing..."

"Wow!!....what a powerful, meaningful, insightful and clever illustration of the relationship between God and us. Such a talented delivery, may God continue to inspire you to deliver his word"

Again, this has been an exciting journey and at this point who knows if there’s going to be a part 2 or a similar Spoken Word Short Film. Let us know what you think by getting in touch with us on social media or even via email. Go ahead and click the platform you wish to follow and it will lead you right to it.

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Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger