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Do we really understand the words that are being said?....

This is what I've been questioning having come away from the performance on Saturday night. 

We've been entertained; had smooth poetic words tickle our ears, while we nod our heads in agreement to what we've just heard, and we laugh at the jokes shared throughout the story. Yet, do we really hear? Do we really understand what has been said and done, right in front of our eyes? 

"I'm having sex”. 

We hear it all the time… The gossip we share of, so and so who's done such and such; the silly girl; she’s pregnant; the shame of it all. 

The skeletons in our closets. no one knows whats going on behind closed doors. The lack of love, a misguided quest for love... where is the love? - this sounds too much like a tv soap drama, but the reality is, it's not! 

"I'm having sex”.

There's too many people caught up in this three worded web. Or shall I say, too many young people. Because truth be told the ages of teenagers involved has dropped, is dropping and seems like it will continue to drop. 

The performance from these incredibly talented actors highlighted key issues within our family relationships and pressures from the outside world. The irony of the intellectual language and age of someone so young, who is wrapped up in something only associated with 'adults' is so well portrayed in this drama. Each character makes you question what you would do in that situation and how you would feel.  It sure is food for thought.

We walk around as if we have it all together, as if we know what's right, but when someone asks for help.... Can we offer any helpful or practical advice?

Is it due to the miseducation of our young people? Or is it that we all have the right to do what we want, there's no limits, I understand it so therefore I can do it?

From the 'hooded Poet' questioning religion, to the mother who desires her husband but gives him a hard time; this play will have you put their lives into perspective. Not only is it informative, direct and current, but it truly captures you with its smartly used witty approach to such a serious and real topic.

Written by Shamira Scott. FCP Blogger.


I'm Having Sex a play written and directed by Jermaine Wong