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Final round for Final Call Productions


Final round for Final Call Productions

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Hey lovely people!

The wait is now over (and by this we mean a few weeks!)

We’ve got some exciting news to catch you up with. A few weeks ago, we mentioned a competition called The Pitch that we’ve entered (to win a whopping £30k) to make a new short film called The Day After. Well… the wait is now over and we are extremely proud to announce, that after being shortlisted, WE MADE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND!!!

Check out the trailer which got us this far here

It was a long and agonising wait for the team to get the results, they were published a shy 1 day after the set deadline, twas slowly killing us inside... lol But it was definitely worth the wait!

As you know we haven’t quite won yet but as a top 10 finalist we have won an amazing experience,  a residential course in the Lake District where Jermaine will get the chance to consult with Screenwriter and Media Consultant Laurie Hutzler and prepare for "The Pitch" where we will get to pitch our film to a panel at ...wait for it... one of the world's leading destinations for the makers of film & television.. Pinewood Studios! The winner will be announced on the 15th January.


Now please keep us in your prayers because we’ve got the perfect film in mind which will truly deliver FCP style. With God at the forefront and the captain of our ship we’re ready to sail the seas to win this big prize and beyond!

This competition is held every year so If you would like to read more about the competition, click here for the link.

Stay blessed and thanks for reading

Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger