National guidance recognises that early intervention is likely to be more effective than intervention at later stages when a child physical or emotional health has been affected.
— Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Lambeth Strategy 2015-17

target audience

I’m Having Sex is targeted for different groups such as: 

·         Young People – Year 8 +

·         Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with young people

·         Social Care Professionals

·         Health Care Professionals

·         The Police & The CPS

The play is highly effective in: -

·         Scenario based training of CSE

·         Focused exploration of CSE issues

·         Raising Awareness of Healthy Relationships

·         Raising Awareness of The Grooming Process & the different forms that it can take

·         Raising Awareness of CSE & the different forms that it can take

·         Raising Awareness of teenage pregnancies

·         Raising Awareness of underage sex

·         Raising Awareness of Gang culture

·         Raising Awareness of Child Protection & Sexual Abuse

·         Sign-posting relevant services

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Performance Title: I’m Having Sex
Written by: Jermaine Wong
Running Time: 45 mins
Post Performance: 15 mins
Workshop (optional): 60 mins
Get In: 60 mins
Get Out: 30 mins
Cast Size: 4
Performance Space: 4m x 4m
Staging: Ground Level


Final Call Productions is a company dedicated to using theatre, poetry and film to inspire, encourage, engage and inform. Theatre has long been an excellent and effective tool for mirroring society, conveying information, creating an environment for positive changes in attitude and mindsets and for having emotional impact that resonates long after the performance has finished. In this regard theatre has the ability to convey meaning in a way that purely information-based products simply cannot achieve.

Theatre in Education (TIE)

Final Call Productions raise the profile of CSE by awareness raising, training and identification through TIE.

We can aid your school in delivering PSHE. In particular to undertake the work on ‘Sex and Relationships Education’ and ‘Healthy non-violent relationships’ which provide and enable children with skills and knowledge to understand consent and the essentials of a healthy relationship.

The aim is to raise awareness amongst children and young people, helping them to;

·         Understand the potential dangers of exploitation,

·         Make safe choices

·         Build resilience.

·         Understand about healthy relationships including respect,

·         Understand informed choices, consent, what is acceptable and unacceptable

·         Know how to access support.

We focus on one of the categories of CSE in our programme, which is  · Inappropriate Relationships • 

However we do touch on and include in our post-performance discussions other categories of CSE, peer-to-peer, grooming, and organised/networked CSE.