“…..I want you to write me an original poem on the subject……

………to be read in the whole school assembly?! Nah. I ain’t down with that Miss!!”

“Ah…OK, don’t worry. I’d much rather you keep me company every break time, lunchtime and an hour after school…”

Needless to say…I took up that challenge!

The date for the whole school assembly arrives.

Not only was my Homelessness Poem used as the stimulus for ALL the whole school assemblies that week but the poem won me 10 very coveted class merits, an end of year Student Award, and my poem was placed on Mrs Lippet’s English work display wall for 5 years after I left secondary school! (This is not because she was lazy in changing her displays…she just absolutely loved my poem!)

I would call every so often just to hear how Mrs Lippet was doing. I always liked  keeping her updated on my poetry career that she helped to develop.

school JW.jpg

I was a pretty average student at secondary school but poetry gave me confidence and a drive to nurture my talent and it’s a gift that has opened many doors for me!

My performances pretty much allowed me to country hop throughout my 20’s without spending a single penny on air travel! I’ve been invited to perform in Spain, Germany, Turkey, California, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand Australia, (I’ve been invited to Oz five times!).

A moment in Australia I will never forget. I just finished performing. I walk off stage and a middle-aged woman runs up to me, “Because of your poetry…I’ve made my decision…I’m giving my life to Christ!


Spoken Word Poetry has giving me many blessings

It’s allowed me to publish my first book Germane Thinkin’: Imagine
It’s allowed me to develop a poetry EP which is set to be released this year
It’s allowed me to produce the first poetry short film to receive the 2018 ICFF Award for Best Screenplay
It’s allowed for my own monthly Spoken Word Poetry event called Transcendence


It is allowing me to build a legacy!

It is not enough to merely have gifts and talents…to build legacy…we must share our gifts and talents!


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OUT OF PEN: The Wordsmith Workshop is A SPOKEN WORD POETRY MASTERCLASS where I teach my methods for preparation, engaging, sharing and delivering powerful and meaningful spoken word poetry performances.

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