Our aim and vision is to produce more performances that will enlighten audiences and bring them closer to GodAnd There Was War in particular is the production we wish to give frequent exposure to for we believe it has a great evangelistic purpose and the power to enhance and change many lives for the better. Prayer and encouragement is essential for our theatre company but these alone cannot cover production or operating expenses, so we rely on generous donors like you to support our work.


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We are currently fundraising for the national (UK) and global tour of our widely-acclaimed theatre production

And There Was War

God has put it on our heart to do so much more with this play then we have been, he has put it on our heart to take ATWW worldwide and to keep it ongoing, only stopping when God tells us to! With one goal in mind; to share the good news of God's plan of salvation and to make his children aware that the enemy is real, that spiritual warfare is real and that a wholehearted choice needs to be made for Him.

What can you do?

We are a small ministry that relies heavily on donations, sponsors and financial backing, we currently have many volunteers working for us and people offering their services for free or for very little but what we are looking to do is going to be extremely costly. Putting on ATWW in various cities, locations, countries, churches, halls and theatres is going to need ongoing financial support. So here's what you can do.

* Donate
* Become a sponsor or an angel (ask us how)
* Pay a regular subscription amount to the ministry and gain member benefits* (ask us how)
* Share our GoFundMe link
* Invite us to talk at your church or event about ATWW (ask us how)
* Invite us to do a programme/perform a scene from the play at your church or event (ask us how)
* Tell others about us and what we are trying to do
* Get in touch to offer your skills and expertise free to support the ministry (ask us how)
* Buy tickets when we have a performance near you
* Pray for us continually

*If you would like to become a regular subscriber and gain fantastic benefits please email

Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support!





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FCP Needs Volunteers!

Final Call Productions are looking for Extras/ Workers / Volunteers for their theatre production And There Was War which we are working towards putting on in December and beyond. If you are over 18 and would like to act in the production please CLICK HERE and register for the Actors Call on 24th February. If you would like to get involved behind the scenes or help in other ways please email Danielle Wong on

If you aren't able to support practically, please consider making a donation to to help us in the ministry.

Please share this page with someone who may be interested in helping.

We appreciate your support x

Thank you

Jermaine and Danielle Wong