Is it really Christian? What makes a movie a Christian movie?


Is it really Christian? What makes a movie a Christian movie?

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Ever wondered what makes a movie be considered a Christian movie? I mean think about it really. Is it the title or that it's got references to Christianity or God? Movies such as ‘The Passion of Christ’, ‘The Case for Christ’, ‘God’s not Dead’, 'Hackshaw Ridge’ and many more alike are posed in Hollywood under the genre ‘Faith-based’ or ‘Christian movies’ due to the foundation in which the storyline finds itself or the reference to Christ/Christianity. Are these type of films only going to interest the Christian audience? Is that the aim? Thats a-whole-nother subject!

Movies vary in different production sizes and budgets, and not all succeed in being near enough to break Box Office records. For some, the recognition is fulfilled from word of mouth, festivals or online movie streaming sites like Pureflix and or even YouTube. These include small-budgeted films like ‘The War Room’ and ‘Facing the Giants’, who have received great reviews and average scores on IMDb. It does however pose further questions as to whether budget size does really matter in how successful a film will be in the long-run and whether people will even watch it if it doesn’t have some big names in it and the polish of Hollywood.

Nevertheless one thing I want to focus on for now is whether references to Christ/Christianity or the Bible/Bible characters is what makes viewers consider a movie to be in fact Christian. Netflix is supposedly acquiring a new faith-based series called ‘Messiah’ to its streaming site. The 10-episode web series is said to challenge the meaning and existence of the ‘I Am’ in Hollywood as well as challenge us to examine what we believe and why as it creates a lucrative business within the entertainment industry. Furthermore, the Den of Geek* report that, "The series looks to provocatively consider the emergence (or reemergence?) of a figure claiming to be the Messiah in the modern world and promises to be a challenging new take on faith-based content”

New take? Confusion more like! With this speculation in place does this controversial web-series really come under a Christian genre simply due to the title? (As it clearly isn’t biblical!) Realistically, yes (which is the sad truth) because it is an amalgam of the familiarity of religion and popular themes within Christianity that often motion pictures portray. Take out or add some stuff based on what is seen as controversial/popular to be a success but still call it Faith-based. Though genres can be scrutinised and reassessed it communicates a “shorthand” and lazy explanation on the feel of the film or series.


In all, this seems like a pretty tough topic to crack because from what we understand as genre to classify a particular film, can tarnish the representation of Christianity all because of a reference to Christ or assuming to encompass the topic of Christianity despite it hurting the credibility of what we believe. It truly poses the question if it’s really fair for Christians to have to accept web-series like the ‘Messiah’ or films like 'Noah', which are greatly flawed in terms of biblical accuracy and convoluted concepts (such as rock Giants!?..say no more!) as a “Christian film”.



Overall, the big question here as in the title is, ‘What makes a Christian movie Christian’? 

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Today, 18th March 2018 is CSE Awareness day. CSE stands for Child Sexual Exploitation. Many people don't know what the acronym stands for or even that there’s a specific day each year marked to highlight this important issue. That's why I'm writing about it! To let you know what we here at FCP are doing to help! #awarenesscauseschange

Official statistics on how many sexually exploited children have been identified by the authorities are not currently available. Although there has been a lot of research, very few studies look into the numbers affected. However, we do know that child sexual exploitation can have devastating effects on a child or young person that can last throughout their lives. Long-term effects impact young people's social integration and economic well-being and may adversely affect their life chances. (NSPCC)

We all have young people in our lives whether we're parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, godparents or friends. Wouldn't it be comforting knowing that those young people, your special young people, have the knowledge and awareness of CSE to be able to at least know how to do something about it if they were ever in that situation? I know I'd feel comforted!...That's where FCP are trying to help!

CSE Play

'I'm Having Sex' is FCP's theatrical production highlighting CSE and child abuse. Once a popular play performed to audiences, we now use 'I'm Having Sex' as a Theatre In Education (TIE) production for Secondary Schools and Colleges, it's mainly targeted at the young people but other different groups such as parents, foster carers, healthcare professionals and the police can also benefit. The play has proved very effective in bringing about awareness of the matter and highlighting healthy and unhealthy/abusive relationships to young people, giving us the opportunity to have frank discussions and educate on many issues that are relevant to CSE and child abuse including, grooming, underage sex and gang culture, to name a few.

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At Final Call Productions we aim to increase the knowledge and understanding in children and young people by helping them to make safe choices, understand healthy relationships and know how and where they can access support if there is an issue.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Abuse are on the rise, the enemy is having a field day with our young people, help us at FCP to help our children and younger generation by spreading the word and developing recognition of the awful occurrence of CSE.

If you know any Schools that could benefit from FCP's TIE package, please get in contact at


Stay safe

Jade Lewis

FCP Blogger


Faith in God, Faith in People & Faith for miracles


Faith in God, Faith in People & Faith for miracles

Hey family!

Hope you’ve had a blessed start into the new month. Hello February!

To keep the positivity going, here’s a little positive note on faith (as in to believe) and how that can inspire you to achieve the things you’ve dreamt of achieving.


So what is ‘faith’? Faith is the foundation of what we do. We have faith in God, faith in people and faith for miracles. These three areas of faith help build and shape our spiritual journey and as a result enable us to experience the things we hope to come true. For without faith, we cannot expect the impossible to take place. The reason why faith is so important in our life is because from a christian journey we need faith to see the amazing things that God has in store for us and to walk into those things confidently. These are unexpected opportunities, miracles and or plans to take our journey to new heights.


 So whAT ARE 3 areas of faith?

  1. Faith in God-  On our christian journey we need faith to see the amazing things that God has in store for us. These are unexpected opportunities, miracles and or plans to take our journey to new heights. Trust him to lead you down the right path and to open those doors, because he cares for us.
  2. Faith in people- When you trust God with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding, you start to realise that God will place the right people in your life at the right time and at the right place . Our FCP team for example, is full of passionate people who have decided to help, support or share their expertise for this ministry, from different walks of life and stages in their walk with Christ, have been able to share their experiences, testimonies, skills, time, even their own money to invest into FCP, into the team and all those who get involved to try and encourage someone else to keep going and to share what God has done for them.
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3. Faith for miracles- This is the thing that is considered a cliche. Some christians say they believe but don’t have the faith to believe that miracles still happen in 2018. The Bible talks about the woman with a blood issue she'd had for 12 years. She was convinced with faith that even if she were to just touch the hem of Jesus' robe she could be healed and she was... instantly! Jesus in the midst of the crowd felt the power go out from him. He knew what and He knew who and told her "your faith has healed you". From this example we can take a simple lesson, we know God has the power, but when we have the faith, that’s when miracles happen.

Ok so what about today's miracles? When driving a car and your fuel indicator has gone past touching the ‘E’. You still have a few miles to go until you reach the nearest petrol station. You also know that you’re putting your car to the test to reach those last few miles before it begins to jitter and give up. But you have faith and believe your motor vehicle is able to get you to that petrol station, and it does! Or when you have no money in your bank account and don't know how you will get to work or even eat this week, you get up Monday morning ready to go, trusting in God and out of nowhere an unexpected deposit is made to your account and your worries for the week are far behind you. You say to yourself “My heart was thumping, i was worried, anxious, praying with all my heart and thank God I made it, thank God i'm going to be ok”. Do these not seem like miracles to you? Of course! Look how he cares for the birds in the much more will he take care of you. Trust in God for the small things, Trust in God for the big things too, and trust he knows what is best!

So there you see it. Faith is more than just a word. Faith is Trust in action! We hope this motivates you to reach out for the uncommon and exercise the faith and expectation until you have your miracle.

Have a blessed week

Thalie Brown

FCP Blogger