How we used £0 budget to make a

Multi-Award Winning Spoken Word Short Film


What do you do if God has inspired you to use the skills and talents he's given you to create something amazing? A song, A book, A film,  a poem. What if you want to take what you've created and get it out there for others to see, read, hear, watch. Have you ever had a fantastic idea on how to share your craft with the world but you haven’t the means to do it? You could put a little something together but the way you want to really produce/create it takes money, resources, a team, people with the right links. If you just don't have it, what do you do with that dream, that desire?


You Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

Back Story

My poem No Poetry came about by a young lady asking me if I would come and do a poem at her event, but she wanted me to learn and perform the U.S P4CM (Passion for Christ Movement) Ready or Not Spoken Word performance piece by Poets Ezekiel & Janette..ikz. In that very inspiring piece the bride represents the church and the groom represents Christ (just like No Poetry does). I agreed to come and perform but I wasn’t at all comfortable performing someone else’s poem…especially when God has blessed me with talents and gifts of my own! So now I’m feeling challenged and inspired.  I commence to do what I usually do before I put pen to paper and prayed and ask the Lord for a poem. Thus No Poetry was born.


The live performance of No Poetry was received very well at this event but due to other projects i had on at the time, a long time passed before it was performed again. In 2017 it was performed at an event called Soul Food with an awesome reception and the overwhelming cry was  “Everyone needs to hear this poem Jermaine!”
So again I’m feeling challenged and inspired. But how are we going to makeNo Poetry reach as many people as possible…? That's it! A Spoken Word Short Film! We were coming up with some fantastic ideas, but really what can we do with £0 budget? We can't produce what we'd ideally like to so what do we do? We decided not to let anything hold us back, "Let's just do what we can" my wife says. So we pulled in some favours, filmed in a family members house, got a couple of friends on board, one with a camera and a willing but talented actress. By God’s grace we filmed No Poetry in a day and it looked alright! 


As a filmmaker there are ALWAYS aspects of your work you wish you could improve but we are so pleased with the positive responses and recognition we are getting and the fact that people are being blessed through the message that No Poetry gives then how can we not be grateful! How can we not give thanks for what we were able to achieve with our £0 budget short film, who knows what God will do or is doing with it. We have to be willing, we have to make those steps and we have to trust God with the outcome. We’re praising God for all we’ve achieved so far with No Poetry!

Incredible. Such thought and authentic skill has gone into this poetry, it paints such an illuminated picture of the relationship we have with Christ. Your work keeps on getting better! Well done!
— Destiny Malcolm, Singer/songwriter
I have goose pimples all over my body and I must confess... This is uniquely inspiring. His name is God and His love for us is ever unfailing...
— Anon

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here, Please comment and let me know what you think, if you have seen it…hey might as well watch it again! LOL! Or maybe just help us share it.

We have many more poems and short film releases in the pipework so please follow us on social media to see the latest and keep us in your prayers so we can continue to share His message of Hope and Love.

Take care

Jermaine Wong
Artistic Director

Final Call Productions