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Quick FCP update for all you lovely readers.
For those of you who may remember.. 2 weeks ago we announced that we won 5 film awards for our short film No Poetry... well guess what?... We’re still aiming high! Thanks to our el presidente Jermaine Wong, we can formally announce that we have made it to the second round of yet another competition called The Pitch with our film idea called The Day After!!

The reward for this competition is a £30,000 cash prize to go towards producing this christian short film! The Pitch 2017 Winner also wins a trip to LA to have a private meeting with Producer Ralph Winter (X-Men, Fantastic Four) who will watch and give feedback on the short film!! Wow!!

So for the next 8 days we'll be needing your support to get the votes in and help us win this awesome prize! Wanna help? All you need to do is watch this trailer about what happened to Adam and Eve the day after they were cast out of Eden (hence the title The Day After!) and VOTE VOTE VOTE

(vote on all your devices!)


When you watch the trailer all the way to the end it then allows you to vote


What else can you do to help?

Also we would very much appreciate it if you could share the post below with friends, family and social media followers, to help us win. Simply copy the post below (tailor it if you want) and keep sharing!

Please help @FinalCallProductions win a competition to win £30k to make a christian short film by watching our trailer (to the end) & voting! Voting ends 30th October!

The film is about what happened to Adam & Eve the day after they were cast out of Eden!

Appreciate your vote! Thanks!

Keep us in your prayers too!

Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger