We’ve got something exciting we’d like to share with you on Friday 22nd September at 6 pm BST...

No Poetry

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So if you have been following us on Facebook (if you haven’t, please click here www.facebook.com/finalcallproductions  to quickly do so) you would already have a little clue as to what we’re about to share with you in this post.

Here at Final Call Productions, nothing ceases for us to create exciting content that will grasp your attention to the most trivial topics related to the bible. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on a short film for your enjoyment.

And in just a few days to go, we are really excited to release our Spoken Word Short Film ‘No Poetry’ featuring our very own CEO and founder Jermaine Wong and actress Oluchi Nwabuwa, at our online film premiere on Facebook Live on Friday 22nd September at 6 pm BST. 

*FYI our teaser is also available on our page or at https://youtu.be/e-HgiR4QIsk for those of you who can’t wait*

During the event, you’ll get the chance to watch our short film front seat in the comfort of wherever you are and engage in our fiery conversation with our team.

Now as well as live Q&A and post-release discussion we're also going to be attempting to make the film go viral!! We want to get 10K viewers to watch our video in just 3 hours!! Aghhh!- so the anticipation is REAL!

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So step 1 - Follow us

Step 2- Click on this THUNDERCLAP link then click to support. (It sends a ready made message about the film release automatically on the 22nd September to your Facebook or Twitter!) http://thndr.me/gNAi4K

Step 3- Be ready for our online event by 5:59 because at 6 pm BST we are going LIVE!

Step 4- Once released, Share the link with your friends and tell them why you want them to watch it

Step 5- More sharing

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s the link for our FB page www.facebook.com/finalcallproductions  Now go share!

See you on Friday!

Thalie Brown, FCP Blogger